Message from Roland Wilson

Hello WTVMEA members. I would like to wish all of you very hard-working choral directors a very relaxing and enjoyable summer.

Please check these forums and your email from time to time this summer, especially as we get into July and head into the new year–very important info will be coming down the pike.
For those who didn’t know–the fabulous Maestro Gaylon Robinson in headed to Florida State to work on his PhD. We wish him the absolute best and know he will be just as wonderful there as he was here. After eight awesome years at Colonial Middle, I will be transferring to Central High to take over the choral position there. (I know–big BOOTS to fill:), so wish me luck. I am very excited about 2016-17.
Reminder to adjust your choral budgets, if needed, to accommodate the fee raise that will be voted in at the August meeting. If you recall, the amendment was read at the Spring Meeting. After the vote, All Southwest and Northwest Honor choir audition AND participation fees will increase from $5.00 per students to $10.00. The association really needs this boost in fees to guarantee solvency for the future.

OK……so all association members who read this forum, hit me back at my NEW email address–